Rebecca is a single mom of 6 children, living in Western Kenya in conditions of extreme poverty, struggling to survive. But there's hope! Help us build Rebecca's future and that of her children.
This project incorporates immediate relief and long-term, sustainable solutions, ensuring a bright future for Rebecca and her children!

Rebecca is a single mother of six children (five boys and one girl).  Their names are Vincent, Kipchumba, Kiplagat, Vivian, Gilbert and Ezra.  Rebecca lost her husband to HIV/AIDS several years ago.  Before he passed away, he worked as a laborer in nearby Kabarnet town which allowed him to earn a wage to support his family.  After he passed away, Rebecca has unsuccessfully turned to farming the land she lives on.  Unfortunately, there is frequent drought and the crops she's planted have not grown well.  Rebecca has tried to find jobs to support her children, but has struggled as she lives in a rural area where there is not much work.  The result is that Rebecca and her children live in extreme poverty.  Rebecca is unable to pay the required fees to send her children to school and the family often goes without food.  They have survived by relying on the support of friends and neighbors, but still, Rebecca often goes several days without eating anything. 

To break the cycle of poverty, Rebecca wishes to send her children to school. We have partnered with the Wilson Kipsang Foundation (WKF) in supporting Rebecca and her children.  In January 2018, WKF has paid the school fees and purchased uniforms, books and shoes for all of the children, ensuring they will receive a proper education. 

We strive to find solutions that incorporate sustainability.  In this case, we'd like to support Rebecca by setting her up with a small chicken and goat farm.  Two goats will provide a steady supply of milk and meat.  A dairy goat can provide up to 16 cups of milk per day, ensuring that the children don’t go hungry.  Furthermore, when the goats give birth, Rebecca can sell the younger goats to earn income which will pay for essentials (school fees, books, medicine, etc).  We'd like to purchase roughly 40 mature chickens along with the necessary items to set Rebecca up with a small scale chicken farm.  She'll be able to sell mature chickens, sell eggs and continue to raise young chickens, allowing her to simultaneously earn an income and feed her family.  This will ensure she and her children never again go a day without eating. 


  • $5,000 - Build Rebecca a new home
  • $300 - Bedding, utensils and other items to furnish the home
  • $1,000 - Provide a grant to Rebecca to purchase goats and begin a small chicken farm
  • $1,000 - Food aid 
  • $240 - Medical assistance and health care
  • $720 - Education: Support of school fees, clothing, uniforms & shoes (Note: WKF has contributed these funds and the children are in school)
  • $150 - Toys, books, activities for the children 

Sub-Total: $8,410

Photos of Rebeca, her children and their current home