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Photos of these and other children at their school in Tassia Slum

in the Embakasi region of Nairobi, Kenya


Learn more about what life is like for children in the slums of Nairobi.  Below is an excerpt from the BBC News article "Nairobi Slum Life", written by Andrew Harding

In the grey gloom of first light it looks like a pile of rubbish - a clutter of cardboard and cloth on a damp pavement.

There is a loud clunk, as the wheels of a city bus lurch through a nearby pothole. Then a small hand reaches out from the middle of the heap, and tugs at a black plastic bag. It’s [6:00AM] and 11-year-old Eric Omondi is waking up. He’s usually the first. Some of the others have sniffed solvent the night before, to try to take the edge off the cold. Eric doesn’t like the solvent - it makes his chest hurt.
The boys are laughing now - kicking a stone instead of their punctured football. And it makes me smile to think that these four dirty, hungry, lonely humans are still children at heart - still able to have fun. 

Nairobi is full of street-kids who have lost that instinct.
— Andrew Harding, BBC News