Give shoes. Help others.

Repurpose your gently-used shoes and help those in need! 


Half way around the world, in the East African country of Kenya, there exists a culture of determination and dedication.  Hundreds and hundreds of aspiring-to-be professional runners wake up at 6:00AM for their first training session of the day.  Some are mothers or fathers.  Some are students or farmers, while still others are entirely focused on running. No matter their story, these runners survive through support of their community, sharing food, housing and living a simple, no-frills life.  For the lucky runners, the ones with supreme talent, they succeed and excel in the sport – competing and winning international races.

Kenya produces many of the world’s fastest runners, across all distances.  These athletes are incredibly impressive; they come from humble beginnings and compete on the world stage… What’s their secret?  Some say it’s genetics.  Others credit the high-altitude and running paths of the Great Rift Valley region.  Still others say it’s the athlete's sheer dedication and commitment to the sport as demonstrated by their grueling training schedules.  Whatever the reason, there is no denying the Kenyans have what it takes to run fast.


When Wilson Kipsang, world renown marathoner (and former world-record holder in the marathon) was in Minneapolis for the Warrior Edge running clinic in 2015, we asked him about his childhood and early days as a runner.  We were surprised to learn that Wilson didn’t own a pair of shoes until age 8 and didn’t own a pair of running shoes until age 20.

“I got my first pair of running shoes when I was 20 years old.”  -Wilson Kipsang

Wilson’s story is not unusual.  For aspiring Kenyan athletes who want to give running a try, owning a pair of shoes is not easy.  Lack of proper shoes does not deter them … Most borrow from a friend, or save for months to buy a pair of second hand (or in many cases- third or fourth hand) running shoes.  Others start running barefoot or in sandals.  Only a very tiny percentage of these runners will ever own a brand new pair of running shoes.

So help us send some love (in the form of new shoes) to Kenya!  We're dedicating June and July of 2017 to this ‘Kenyan Shoe Drive’.  Wilson Kipsang has agreed to personally disperse the shoes to athletes with promise, but who lack shoes.


Starting June 1st through July 31st, 2017, we are collecting new and gently-used shoes for runners and upcoming athletes in Kenya. 

1) Donate Shoes:  Do you own a pair of gently used running shoes?  Let us take them off your hands and get them to people in need!  

2) Take it to the next level: Want to contribute even more? Make a financial donation toward a pair of new shoes! 


3) Make it Personal: Write a personalized note to be delivered to the recipient in Kenya when they receive their new shoes.  Simply fill out this form and we'll make sure your message is printed on a card and included with a pair of shoes. 

4) Spread the word: Help the cause by telling your friends and family about our shoe drive! 

The shoes will be delivered this fall, at which time we’ll share pictures and stories of the athletes who receive their new shoes!  Stay tuned!


If you have any questions, please contact us

100% of proceeds go directly to the cause.

We are entirely volunteer driven and work hard to find vendors who contribute services to our charity, keeping our costs down.

Lee Sisters Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.  All donations are tax deductible.