Avonix Imaging has pledged support to Lee Sisters focused on helping children from impoverished families receive care and education and we want YOUR help in making this orphanage a reality.


Help us Build an Orphanage in Western Kenya

What: Our goal is to create a safe home for orphans from rural areas and street children who currently experience instability in the very core of their lives.  They lack loving homes and families and are the most vulnerable in society, as they have no safety net, and have nobody helping them receive proper nutrition, shelter and care.  These children come from various backgrounds and life stories - some are orphaned because of illness (malaria, HIV, childbirth, etc).  Others have left their families at a very young age, and have traveled to the streets of Eldoret, in hopes of escaping extreme poverty. 

Details: We are collaborating with local Kenyan officials to help us identify kids who have nowhere else to go.  Ruth Koech, the Minister of Health for Nandi County in Western Kenya is working as our 'on the ground' eyes and ears, meeting the street kids and orphans and identifying their ages, levels of education (usually the kids we're focused on have no education) and any other pressing concerns (i.e. health issues and addiction - as many street kids pick up the habit of sniffing glue).  

Our goal is to raise $80,000 to build children's home - Garden of Hope, which will accommodate 20 children, and will create a scholarship fund for less fortunate students who are not able to attend school without financial assistance.  Donate now, or contact us to discuss collaboration! 

Your contribution goes directly to Garden of Hope, the name of the future children's home. Lee Sisters is a 501(c)(3) charity organization.

Donate to Avonix’s Campaign Goal of $10,000




  • $55,000 // Construction: Dorms, kitchen & dining

  • $20,000 // Land (4 acres)

  • $5,000 // Furnishings (beds, linens and other)

    TOTAL: $80,000