Building Future Leaders

Creating a better world by empowering socially responsible, resourceful problem-solvers.

Let's face it: Our schools and our colleges are great but the best learning experiences do not come from reading a text book or sitting in a classroom, but rather from doing.  

Through our Building Future Leaders program, we identify high-potential students and youth throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul and involve them in our work, equipping these future leaders with the right skills and talents to flourish once they graduate.  Students are challenged to come up with innovative solutions to problems that Lee Sisters is trying to address... the very same problems faced by humans all around the globe (alleviating hunger, gender inequality, improving economic stability of families). 

As part of our Building Future Leaders program, students gain valuable skills by being exposed to challenges outside of the classroom.  They gain hands-on experience with a variety of tasks ranging from marketing, to public speaking / presenting, accounting and record-keeping and everything in-between. 

Help us build our future leaders.   

Example Project - Tied to the Cause

Problem: Local students were tasked with creating an entrepreneurial solution to address women and children living in extreme poverty. They were challenged to incorporate sustainability, ensuring that the solution they presented would provide immediate relief AND a long-term solution to the problem.  

Solution: In collaboration with Lee Sisters, the students developed "Tied to the Cause" - a brand that sources jewelry from women of the Maasai tribe in Kenya.  The students then developed a distribution model to sell the jewelry and essentially built a small-business.  They are involved with and exposed to even the smallest details - from developing the brand and all associated marketing literature to establishing relationships with retailers to facilitate sales.