Help us help children.


We are 100% volunteer driven and work hard to find vendors who contribute services to our charity, keeping our costs down, allowing over 90% of proceeds to go directly to the women and children we support. 

Lee Sisters Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Project Winnie -  A Children's Home

This is an effort to build a children's home in Western Kenya which will  provide food, shelter, clothing and education for 30 orphaned children. 

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Tied to the Cause - Support Maasai Women

Each bracelet purchase directly supports the women who make them. By utilizing their craft, the makers are financially empowered and are able to nurture themselves, their children and their communities. They use the funds to purchase food, clothing and pay school fees. 

Your purchase means you are improving a life.

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Goats & Chickens

A pair of Goats: $80 - by providing a family with two goats, you’ll provide them with a steady supply of milk and meat.  A dairy goat can provide up to 16 cups of milk per day, ensuring that the children don’t go hungry.  Furthermore, when the goats give birth, the families can sell the younger goats to earn income which will pay for essentials (school fees, books, medicine, etc).

Clean Water

In most rural families, the main water source is often located several kilometers away from the home, which means women and children have no choice but to walk long distances to collect and carry water to their homes. The water is often dirty, filled with illness causing bacteria.  The good news is that clean water lies below the surface of ground, but without the financial resources to pay for the labor/tools needed to dig a well, families have no access to it.  In most cases, $100 is enough to pay for a hand-drilled well,  providing clean water to children and their families.  

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Sponsor a Child's Education

For roughly $350/year (less than $1/day) you can provide for the clothing, food and education of a child who otherwise go without.  The money is used as follows: 

$200 pays for child's meals and food
$50 goes toward paying teachers salaries and school administrative fees.
$25 utilities - electricity, clean water.  
$25 medical fund
$40 school uniform, school supplies etc.

For birthdays or special occasions, give the gift of charity! 

When you contribute on someone else’s behalf, we will send them a card letting them know a donation was made in their honor!  

Simply send us a note indicating that the donation is a gift in the recipient's honor.  Please include the recipient's name and mailing address.  Contact us with any questions!