Love Kenya Foundation is focused on helping children from impoverished families receive care and education.   


Help us Build a Rescue Center for Orphans Western Kenya

What: Our goal is to create a safe home for orphaned and abandoned children who currently experience instability in the very core of their lives.  They do not have loving homes and are the most vulnerable in society, as they have no safety net, lacking proper nutrition, shelter and care.  These children come from various backgrounds and life stories - but the common thread is that all are in this situation as a result of poverty.

Details: We are collaborating with local Kenyan officials to help us identify kids who are in need.  We work closely with the social services department of Nandi County in Western Kenya, who brings certain children to our attention.  

Our goal is to raise $60,000 to build the children's rescue center which is a hybrid of an orphanage and foster care. Garden of Hope, the rescue center will initially accommodate up to 12 children, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment. The rescue center will be a place of immediate relief for children in great need, ensuring that they have access to food, shelter, and education. Through our partnership with the County, we'll work to identify foster-families, which will provide long-term care to the children after they leave our rescue center. Another unique aspect to our rescue center concept is that the care-taker we've identified, is a mother who is also in great need of support. We're partnering with her in a truly collaborative fashion; she'll provide care for the children at the center, while we'll provide a place for her and her children to stay. This allows all of the children who come into our care to be in an environment where there is a mother-figure caring for them and avoids the institutional affects often associated with traditional, large orphanages. 

  • 100% of your contribution goes directly to Garden of Hope, the name of the future children's home. Love Kenya Foundation (formerly Lee Sisters) is a 501(c)(3) charity organization.



  • $40,000 // Construction of home: rooms for the children and care-taker, kitchen & dining

  • $20,000 // Furnishings (beds, linens and other)

TOTAL: $60,000