Questions About Donations

Q: What percentage of my donation goes to the cause? 100% of your contribution goes toward Project Winnie. 

Q: Are my donations tax deductible? Yes, because Lee Sisters Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity, your contribution is eligible for use as a tax deduction.  Please keep the email receipt that was sent when you made a donation via our website.  

Q: I'd like to mail a check, what is the address for the foundation? Checks can be mailed to: Lee Sisters Foundation, 19927 Larkin Road Corcoran MN 55340.  

General Questions 

Q: Is Lee Sisters a 501(c)(3) organization?    Yes: we are registered in the State of Minnesota and with the IRS.  You can view our status as a registered tax-exempt organization by using GuideStar, where you can search for our foundation by name (Lee Sisters Foundation).   

Q: Why is Lee Sisters focused on helping kids in Kenya when there is so much need in the USA and other parts of the world?  Through her travels to Kenya our founder, Sanna, developed a love for the country and it's people. She was inspired by their optimism and their culture and saw a great need, especially in the lives of women and children.  Our current focus on Kenya does not mean we are not aware of, and don't care about those in need in the USA and elsewhere.  However, as an organization we felt it was necessary to focus, to set goals and to start - one project at a time. 

Q: Does Lee Sisters offer opportunity to travel to Kenya?  At this time we do not have any group trips planned to Kenya.  However, if you are interested in visiting the region to meet the orphans we support and you are willing to cover your travel expenses, please reach out to us to indicate your interest.  We will contact you at a future time when travel dates have been determined.  

Q: How can I get involved?  Donate today!  Beyond that, we are seeking board members, ambassadors to help share our mission, and fundraisers.  Please visit this page for more details.  

Q: Kenya has a problem with corruption and deceit: what are you doing to ensure the funds go directly to the cause?  Corruption is absolutely an issue in East Africa, it's a challenge that must be faced directly by our charity work.  Sadly, Sanna has first hand experience with Kenyan corruption and the tricks that con-artists use to swindle money. Although this experience was unpleasant, Sanna learned a lot about the way con artists work, and more importantly - how to avoid them.  Controlling any financial assets, and having full and complete transparency and accountability are critical factors in preventing fraud.  Lee Sisters has a team of  people in Kenya who have worked with other charity organizations to build a school and provide financial support to children in need.  This team is made up of a Dr. Julius Sang, and members of the Kayanet Education Center board of directors.  Lee Sisters also has relationships on the ground in Kenya with highly respected athletes and community members, all of whom are willing to provide advice and counsel as needed.  

Q: Why the name 'Lee Sisters'?  When Sanna was discussing the work she was passionate about, her sister Satu encouraged her to create a charity organization.  They tossed around name ideas, but nothing stuck.  On a whim, Sanna thought of her grandpa, who had partnered with his brother to form Lee Bros Construction, a company that was home to both brothers for their entire careers.  Lee Bros Construction had a duck logo, much like our logo.  

Q: Are you accepting donated goods at this time?  If so, what type of goods are needed? There is a great need for backpacks, pencils, and other school supplies.  However, due to the cost of shipping goods to East Africa, we are very selective about the donated goods that we accept.  If you have a laptop in good condition, or have other items you would like to contribute, please contact us to discuss further.  


Q: Where can I view Lee Sisters financial reports? We will publish our financial statements to our website at the end of each calendar year.  Because 2016 is when we received our 501(c)(3) status, we have not yet published this information.  If you have specific questions about donations received, our budget, or our expenses, please do not hesitate to contact us

Project Winnie

Q: Isn't it better for the children to live with guardian families and not in an orphanage?  In an ideal world, yes- it would be better for children to live with loving, stable guarding families.  Unfortunately, because there are high rates of poverty, many of the orphan children end up in homes and families that are struggling financially.  There are also deep traditional cultural practices that sometimes impact how the orphan children are treated (depending on the child's story - some are shunned, others were to be killed upon birth and are outcast as they grow up).  In some extreme cases, children face hunger and abuse from their host families.  

Q: Who will care for the children who live in the orphanage?  The orphanage will be built on the property of Kayanet Education Center, which is a primary school.  The orphanage will serve dual purpose - as an orphanage and a dormitory for paying boarding students.  Thus school staff will be on-site 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. 

Q: After the orphanage is built, what is next for Lee Sisters?  We are very excited about future projects!  We have so many potential projects to pursue - all with worthy cause!  There is great need for our charity work, and with your help, we can make a positive impact on the life of a woman or child!  We are working with the Enactus group at University of St. Thomas to begin selling beaded jewelry made by HIV positive women.   We also are working with Abel Kirui (winner of Chicago Marathon 2016) to create scholarships for rural children to attend Abel's school in Eldoret, Kenya.