Each bracelet is handmade and thus may have slight variations and characteristics that are unique to that bracelet alone.  The leather material is sourced from the Maasai community animals (goats and cows) and the beadwork is done by needle and thread, each bead is hand sewn.  

Bracelet Care: 
Leather is very durable and long lasting. The bracelets are designed to be tied on the wrist and worn indefinitely (usually about one year).  They can get wet (wearing the bracelets while showering, swimming, in sauna, or bathing is ok).   The primary thing is not to tug and pull on the bracelets as that causes strain and can cause the leather to break.  

Below is our suggestion on how best to tie the bracelets.  However, we have had emails and messages from several people showing how they've tied their bracelets - feel free to modify and wear your bracelet however you'd like!  Some people even loosely tie their bracelets, allowing them to take the bracelets on and off, rather than wearing them permanently. 


STEP 1: 
Find a helper! It is best to have somebody help tie the bracelet on to your wrist.

Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and pull the leather strap through the eyehole.  The leather strap will be very snug as you pull it through the opening, this is by design. Take care when pulling the leather - if you pull aggressively, it can cause the leather strap to break.  Gently guide the leather strap to the size that suits your wrist.    


STEP 2: 
Tie a single knot which will prevent the leather strap from sliding back through the eyehole. 

The knot should be tied so that it is snugly in place.  Again, take care when pulling on the leather strap - rather than pulling aggressively, gently remove any slack in the knot, ensuring that it will stay in place.  



STEP 3: 
Use scissors to trim the extra leather strap.  

Optional: instead of cutting the strap, another option is to tie multiple knots, looping the remaining leather strap. 

If you have any questions or have trouble with your bracelets, please let us know!  Use the webform on our Contact Us page to get in touch.  

Don't forget to share photos of your bracelet on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #tiedtothecause.

Thank you for your support!  

-Team Lee Sisters